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Excite Cheer Camp
Go Park Forest! Go Fight Win! The PF Excite! Cheer Program is designed for our young
dancers and cheerleaders.  Participants in this program will learn various cheers and
dances with an introduction to stunts.  THIS IS A NO  CONTACT  PROGRAM.
Program is led by Shaunita Jones.

Ages 5-8                $67         6 weeks    

Recreation Center, Lower Level
23017-01     Sa   11 am-12 pm     July 11-Aug 15

Ages 9-12     $67     6 weeks    
Recreation Center, Lower Level
23017-02    Sa   12-1 pm     July 11-Aug 15

Taekwondo is a Korean style method of unarmed self defense and sport. The Word Tae means leg (foot), Kwon means hand (or fist) and Do stands for the way of mental discipline to repel aggression. It is also an Olympic Sport. Taekwondo does not mean fighting, but it symbolizes the cultivation of a well-rounded character in it’s practitioners, through self-respect, indomitable spirit of discipline, coordination and control. Program is led by World Champion,

Uniform is required at an additional fee of $65 due first day of class to the instructor (one-time fee.
Fee subject to change.).

Ages 4 years & Older     $70     6 weeks    
village Hall, Lowe Level -  Rooms 1 & 2
23201-01     M   6-7:30 pm        July 6-Aug 10
23201-02     M   6-7:30 pm        Aug 17-Sept 21

Just Ballin’ Summer Bitty Camp
The Just Ballin’ Bitty Summer Camp is a 6-week basketball camp for youth grades 1st-2nd.  This instructional program will teach your young hoop star the basics of the sport including dribbling, shooting and defensive principles. Only 9 spots per time block for this program, so sign up early! THIS IS A NO  CONTACT PROGRAM.

Grades 1-2   $70        6 Weeks
Recreation Center, Gym
23003-01 Th  6-7 pm   July 9-Aug 13
23003-02 Th  7-8 pm   July 9-Aug 13  
23003-03 Th  8-9 pm   July 9-Aug 13

Pride Elite Summer Hoops Academy
A 6 week skills-based basketball camp designed for youth grades 3rd-11th. This comprehensive
camp will focus on all facets of your players development, from offensive fundaments to defensive
intangibles. Students will leave the program with a better understanding of the  nuances of the
game and an increased skill set. Extensive conditioning drills will also be implemented to better
prepare their bodies as they advance. THIS IS A NO CONTACT PROGRAM. Program is led by
Coach Randall and the Pride Elite.

Grades 3-4   $75        6 Weeks
Recreation Center, Gym
23035-01 Tu 6-7 pm   July 14-Aug 18

Grades 5-6   $75        6 Weeks
Recreation Center, Gym
23035-02 Tu 7-8 pm   July 14-Aug 18

Grades 7-8   $75        6 Weeks
Recreation Center, Gym
23035-03 Tu 8-9 pm   July 14-Aug 18

Grades 9-11  $75        6 Weeks
Recreation Center, Gym
23035-04 Sa 1-2 pm   July 11-Aug 15


Park Forest Baseball

Tennis Lessons