Inspire Dance 2017_8

The Inspired dance (InspireDANCE) program will fulfill the needs and desires of adult students with the passion and gift to dance but the limited ability in technical training. This dance program will provide a positive outlet for you to express yourself through movement and creative story-telling. If you love liturgical dancing then this is the class for you. THIS IS A NO CONTACT PROGRAM.

Ages 4-12      $45     7 weeks
Village Hall, Lower Level - Room 2
21701-01   Sa   10-11 am   New Dates - September 12-October 24

Ages 13 & Older  $55   7 weeks
Village Hall, Lower Level - Room 2
21701-02   Sa   11 am-12 pm   New Dates - September 12-October 24

line dancing 2017_4

Line Dancing 
Beginners Line Dance is a moderately paced dance that combines exercise and dance into one. The dance steps will target/exercise the hips, legs, knees and feet. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and to have a good time.

This class is indoors and face masks are required, there will be adequate space to allow social distancing. Dawn Avery instructs the class.

Drop-in Fee Option: $6 per class (payable to instructor - cash only).

Ages 18 & Older    $36    6 weeks
Recreation Center, Large Gym
31601-01 M 10:30-11:30 am October 12-Nov 16