Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health

Mission Statement

The Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health operates under the philosophy that its facilities are available to all residents of Park Forest for a reasonable cost, and its programs and services are available to everyone, regardless of one’s ability to pay, ethnic background, or orientation. In its interactions, the Department will treat all people with dignity and respect.  

The department’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for all peoples and to advance the use and enjoyment of parks, recreation, and environmental conservation under the guiding values of Community Health & Wellness, Sustainability, and Social Equity. 

Vision Statement

The Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health will be a nationally recognized provider of exceptional, community-driven experiences in parks and recreation with special regard to community health, social equity, and fiscal and environmental sustainability.


The Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health offers close to 120 recreational activities and instructional programs and is responsible for roughly 400 acres of park land including:


Additionally, the Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health operates the regionally popular Park Forest Aqua Center, the Park Forest Tennis and Health Club, and Freedom Hall.

Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health has expanded its services to include Community Health. Contact the department with questions on where to go for various health services as well as health and wellness programming and workshops.

The Village’s recreation facilities, public parks, and park facilities are available and maintained primarily for and by the residents of Park Forest, and it is the general intent to give Village residents priority in the use of these facilities. Both residents and non-residents are welcome to use the Village’s parks and facilities and enjoy recreational programs in a non-discriminatory manner.

Recreation, Parks & Community Health Brochure

Current programs and events are listed on the Recreation, Parks & Community Health Department website. Download the most recent brochure below.  

2023 Recreation, Parks & Community Health Summer/Fall Brochure

Please register early, or the program/trip may be canceled due to a lack of enrollment.

  • Please note the registration deadlines for programs.
  • Information printed in the brochure may change.
  • Registration Form and Waiver - completed registration forms and signed waivers are required before participating in any program or trip. Form: Registration Form and Waiver

Online Registration

Registration from the comfort of your home at any time, with around the clock access! Create your online account today by clicking the button below.

Please note: some programs will not be available for online registration.


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Central Park Pavilion 2016

How to Obtain a 2023 Park/Equipment Permit
Central, Somonauk, and Logan parks are great places for your family gathering or group picnics in Park Forest! The annual Park Permit Lottery will be held this year on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023. Please click on the link below for more information on the 2023 Park Permit Day.  

2023 Park Permit Day Flyer 

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Health at 708-748-2005. 

Recycling in the Parks logo.jpgWaste Management in the Parks

Somonauk Nature Adventure Park
Coming soon to Park Forest, IL. Somonauk Nature Adventure Park combines adventure and nature in one park-redevelopment strategy. Planned renovations for the 16-acre park include construction of a two-acre pond with native, prairie, and emergent wetlands, recreational fishing, and kayaking. Additional site amenities include walks; accessible, elevated seating; and opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and ziplines. The project also becomes part of the village’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) for stormwater management. Click on the link below to read the full article. 

Murphy Park Redevelopment Project

Village Green Expansion Project Features

Park Forest Urban Forestry Management Plan