County, State and Township Roads

The following is information related to roads within or around Park Forest that are maintained by other public agencies.

Cook County Highway Dept. has jurisdiction over and maintains 

  1. Sauk Trail from west Village limit to east Village limit.

Will County Division of Transportation has jurisdiction over and maintains 

  1. Western Avenue from Steger Road, going south past Village corporate limits.
  2. Monee Road from Will/Cook County line (between 56-60 Monee Road), going southwest past Village corporate limits.

 Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has jurisdiction over and maintains 

  1. Western Avenue from Lincoln Highway (RT 30), going south to Steger Road.
  2. Lincoln Highway (RT 30).
  3. 26th Street from Western Avenue, going east past Village corporate limits.

Monee Township Highway Department has jurisdiction over and maintains

  1. Stuenkel Road from Monee Road, going west to approximately 3749 W. Stuenkel Road.
  2. West Oak Hill Drive.
  3. Hawthorne Avenue.
  4. Crawford Avenue from Steger Rd, going south to Village corporate limits.