Snow & Ice Removal

During the winter, the Public Works Department removes snow and ice from Village streets. Public Works is responsible for 72 miles of roadway, and plowing all streets can take some time during long or heavy storm events. The Village's main roads, such as Orchard Drive, Blackhawk Drive, Indianwood Boulevard, Westwood Drive, Wildwood Drive, Indiana Street, Illinois Street, Shabbona Drive, Lakewood Blvd, North Street, Dogwood Street, Alleghany Street, and Algonquin Street are plowed first then more minor roads the Village finds equally important like Minocqua Street, Homan Avenue, Winnebago Street, and Tamarack Street are then plowed. Main and local roads take approximately three hours or more, depending on conditions to plow completely. Through the Village's commitment to reducing chloride use. Salt brine will be applied on two major routes before a storm. When possible and resources allow, the brine will be applied to local roads. Plowing begins when two or more inches of snow accumulate on roadways; the Village anticipates that salt brine will allow for an easier plowing process and a reduction in chloride use. Still, additional salt will be laid if need be. Local roads will be plowed and salted. On nights when snow and ice will melt during the day but refreeze at night, the Village will apply salt brine and salt as needed.

During a winter storm, the Village will plow in tandem on main routes; when complete, plows split up and do passes on local roads. The process is then repeated during the storm. Plowing will continue through the snowfall event, and final plow passes can keep the roadways clear when the snow ceases to fall. Any follow-up plowing will commence the next day.  

Residents in some parts of Park Forest may be part of homeowners associations or cooperatives that hold contracts with outside companies for snow and ice removal. If you are part of a cooperative or condo association, please get in touch with your respective Management Office for details.

Snow Route Parking Ban

Per Village Resolution, there is NO PARKING on designated “Snow Route” streets at any time there is an accumulation of two (2) inches or more of snow and ice on the roadway. The ban allows Public Works crews to clear the road and parking area more effectively. This ban remains in effect until the storm event and accumulation of snow and ice have been removed.

While not required by ordinance on streets not designated as snow routes, not parking on side streets during heavy snowfall greatly assists crews in plowing and aids first responders in responding to emergencies.