Street Sweeping

Every year, the Department of Public Works contracts the following sweeps:

  • Four Village-wide sweeps
  • Two Old Plank Road bike trail sweeps
  • Two Village-owned parking lot sweeps
  • Hourly emergency sweeping

Dates for Village-wide sweeps vary each year but follow a general schedule outlined below.


The street sweeping schedule is:

  • May
  • July
  • September
  • October

How Street Sweeping Works

The street sweeper normally begins in the north part of Park Forest and continues south. The number of streets cleaned each day depends on the number of leaves and/or debris needing removal as well as a contractor's workforce that day, and weather conditions.

On Tuesdays (garbage day), the sweeper will perform work on Village streets in multi-family areas. When the work is complete, the sweeper will resume work in single-family areas.


Street sweeping hours are from approximately 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Resident Cooperation 

Residents are asked to remove their cars from the streets during the week of street sweeping in order for the most effective cleaning of the streets to take place. Residents should refer to the Village website, the government access cable channel, or tune in to Village board meetings for announcements on upcoming street sweeping dates.

Prohibited Actions

Residents are reminded that raking or blowing leaves, grass, or debris into the street is strictly prohibited by law. Leaves clog Village storm sewers resulting in flooded streets. Fines will be issued for any individual witnessed raking or blowing leaves, grass, or debris into the street.