Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training is available from the Park Forest Fire Department. If your group or business wants to learn the proper use of fire extinguishers in controlling incipient-stage fires, call us at 708-748-5605 to set up training. We’ll bring out a program that will explain the different types of fires, how to select the proper extinguisher based on those fire types and general rules for safely using extinguishers. Finally, everyone will get the opportunity to practice using a portable extinguisher on a live fire in our training prop.

A great time to hold this training is when your extinguishers are due for replacement or testing. We prefer to use the extinguishers you have on-hand at your facility (when appropriate) so your employees are familiar with the equipment they would actually have to use in an emergency.

We also offer a green solution where participants use an extinguisher prop to fight a fire. They simulate the extinguishment of a digitized fire using an extinguisher that emits a beam of light instead of water or chemicals. This prop works well in an office setting and provides a less threatening experience for first time students.

To obtain more information on fire extinguisher training or to schedule an appointment contact the fire department at 708-748-5605.