Alarm Plan Review

Plan Review Information

Plans for each fire alarm system must be submitted, for review purposes, to:

  • Park Forest Fire Department
    Attention: Fire Prevention Bureau
    156 Indianwood Blvd.
    Park Forest, IL 60466

Plan Review Process

Plans are generally reviewed, and written comments provided, within 10 to 14 working days. After the review is completed, the applicant will be furnished with at least one set of stamped drawings, which are required to be on-site and available for the Fire Department Inspector.

The Plan submitted shall include:

  • Fire Alarm Plan Review Submittal Sheet
  • Fire Alarm System Application Form
  • Manufacturers specification sheets on all devices
  • Minimum of three sets of plans for each fire alarm system
  • Standby battery calculations
  • Wire sample (6 inch)

System Modifications & Reviews

When a fire alarm system is being modified and such modification involves 12 or less devices or a Fire Alarm Control Panel, the plan review fee is $100, which includes one inspection. All other fire alarm system reviews are outsourced to a firm selected by the village. The cost of such review shall be borne by the permit applicant (cost of review plus $50) and includes a rough inspection of wiring, and the final acceptance / performance test.

Additional Information

Fire alarm systems must be designed, installed, and function in accordance with locally adopted codes and locally adopted amendments to the codes. This information and other general information regarding fire protection systems and fire alarm systems is available from the Park Forest Fire Department. To obtain this information, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 708-748-5605.