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Somonauk Park


  1. 2 small grills
  2. 8 Tables
  3. Electrical Outlets
  4. Restrooms

Somonauk Park is nestled in a neighborhood located in the southern part of the Park Forest.

Please note: Somonauk Nature Adventure Park, Somonauk Park/Pavilion will be available to rent for the 2024 Season starting in May. 


Somonauk Nature Adventure Park
Somonauk Nature Adventure Park combines adventure and nature in one park-redevelopment strategy. Planned renovations for the 16-acre park include construction of a two-acre pond with native, prairie, and emergent wetland, recreational fishing, and kayaking. Additional site amenities include walks; accessible, elevated seating; and opportunities for fishing and kayaking. The project also becomes part of the village’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) for storm water management. Click on the link below to read the full article. 

Somonauk Park

Somonauk Park, located on Somonauk Street in the southern portion of Park Forest, and Park Forest’s second largest community park, will receive a nearly $800,000 renovation. The village will provide the initial funding for the project with fifty percent being reimbursed through a state grant. When completed, Somonauk Park will be transformed to a one-acre pond providing fishing and kayaking opportunities, zip lines, elevated seating terraces, and accessible walking paths. Village leaders hope the park will provide additional recreation options for Park Forest families and will serve as a regional destination that draws others into the community.  

"This project offers not only new and unique opportunities for both active and passive recreation, it also adds to the native habitat in the Village. This project is supported by the various volunteer Boards and Commissions as not only an improvement to the park but as a potential catalyst for economic development and a draw for new residents," said Recreation, Parks, and Community Health Director Rob Gunther. 

The first phase of the project will begin later this month. 

“This is the base work and demolition of some of the existing conditions,” Gunther said. 

Following phase one, the fishing pier and kayaks are expected to be installed as part of phase two, landscaping and asphalt work planned for phase three, and final site amenities to be added in phase four. 

Earlier this month, village officials held a meeting for residents who live near the park. Nearly 30 attended to ask questions and learn more about the plans. Aside from common questions related to noise and impacts on traffic, resident feedback was positive and encouraging, according to Gunther. 

The redeveloped Somonauk Park is expected to open to the public in May of 2024.

For questions, contact the Recreation, Parks and Community Health Department at 708-748-2005. 


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Village of Park Forest Ordinances - Pet Waste Disposal and Removal

Sec. 14-2. - Declaration of nuisances. It shall be deemed unlawful and a nuisance for any person within the village limits to: (3) Permit any pet under his care or control to deposit any excrement upon the property of another, without the express consent of the owner of the property; appear with a pet upon any alley, street, sidewalk, park, playground, parking lot, church or school grounds or other property of public use, without some means for the removal of excrement; fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet; or dispose of such excrement except as provided in section 86-4 of this Code. This section shall not apply to a blind or physically handicapped person while walking his guide or support dog. 

Sec. 14-49. - Removal of excrement. (a) No person shall appear with a pet upon the public ways or within public places or upon the property of another, absent that person's consent, without some means for the removal of excrement, nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet. This section shall not apply to a blind or physically handicapped person while walking his guide or support dog. (b) This section shall be enforced under and in accordance with chapter 2, article VII of this Code, which article provides for the administrative adjudication of certain ordinance violations.