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Logan Park


  1. 1 small grill
  2. Electrical Outlets
  3. Pavilion
  4. Picnic Tables
  5. Restrooms

Located on North Street, just west of Orchard Drive, Logan Park Pavilion is not far off the beaten path, with a touch more privacy and less traffic than Central Park but not as tucked away as Somonauk Park.

Park Amenities & Facts

Logan Park includes the following:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Four picnic tables
  • One pavilion
  • One small grill
  • Public washroom building located just a few feet from the pavilion

Logan Park is for groups of 40 or less.  

Please note: Occupancy is based on the current Restore Illinois Plan. Please contact Recreation, Parks & Community Health at 708-748-2005 for more information. 

Potential Activities

Make your outing at Logan Park all the more special by brining bikes, roller blades, or walking shoes, and take advantage of the renowned Old Plank Road Trail which intersects the center of Logan Park.

2021 Park Permits Fees
Pavilions can be rented between the hours of 8 am-9 pm. Beginning and ending time on permit must include your set-up and clean-up time. Quiet hours after 8:00 p.m.

Logan Park  Pavilion (Maximum Occupancy 40 people)
Groups of 40 or less - $10 per hour

Temporary Liquor Permit
(Please allow a minimum of 10 business days prior to event for processing.)

A Temporary Liquor Permit is required for all park permits requesting to serve and/or consume alcohol in the parks. A Temporary  Liquor Permit application must be completed by the Park Permit holder and returned with a $5 non-refundable fee. Once the Temporary Liquor permit application has been approved by the Village of Park Forest, the permit holder will be required to obtain a $1,000,000  liability policy through their insurance company. Please contact Recreation & Parks for more information.

Ballfield Rentals
Central Park ballfields A & B - $15 an hour with lights or $10 an hour with no lights. All other ballfields (no lights) Central Park Fields C & D, Illinois, and Indiana are $10 for an hour.

How to Obtain a Park/Equipment Permit:

Reservations will accepted during the following times at the Recreation, Parks & Community Health Department, at Village Hall, 350 Victory Dr., Park Forest, IL 60466.

Mondays 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Tuesday-Friday - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm


  • Bring Your State Drivers License or State ID
  • Full payment is due at time of reserving a permit. Forms of payment accepted are cash, check, charge cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover).
  • If you are having liquor at your event, you must secure a liquor permit.


Park Rules


Parks Best Practices Flyer



 Village of Park Forest Ordinances - Pet Waste Disposal and Removal

Sec. 14-2. - Declaration of nuisances. It shall be deemed unlawful and a nuisance for any person within the village limits to:  (3) Permit any pet under his care or control to deposit any excrement upon the property of another, without the express consent of the owner of the property; appear with a pet upon any alley, street, sidewalk, park, playground, parking lot, church or school grounds or other property of public use, without some means for the removal of excrement; fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet; or dispose of such excrement except as provided in section 86-4 of this Code. This section shall not apply to a blind or physically handicapped person while walking his guide or support dog.

Sec. 14-49. - Removal of excrement. (a) No person shall appear with a pet upon the public ways or within public places or upon the property of another, absent that person's consent, without some means for the removal of excrement, nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet. This section shall not apply to a blind or physically handicapped person while walking his guide or support dog. (b) This section shall be enforced under and in accordance with chapter 2, article VII of this Code, which article provides for the administrative adjudication of certain ordinance violations.