Frozen & Burst Water Pipes

As the winter season continues and cold air settles in, the Village of Park Forest wants residents to know it is crucial not to turn off the furnace nor turn down the heat in an unoccupied home or business because that can increase the risk of frozen or burst water pipes.

Frozen and burst water pipes can lead to high water usage, high water bills, and damaged property. Residents should allow water to drip from faucets which can help keep water from freezing within the pipes.

If a water pipe bursts within your home or business, you should shut your water off by locating the water meter and slowly turning the valve on either side of the meter but do so carefully.

If you cannot do so, call the Village at 708-503-7700 and request 'water shut off'; someone must be present at the home or business to verify the water is off.

Once the water is shut off, you need to hire a licensed plumber to repair your water pipe. After the job is complete, turn the water meter back on or call the Village to schedule a 'water turn-on.' And again, someone will need to be present at the home or business to verify water is on and that no further leaks are present.

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