Recycling Education

Everything that isn’t recycled is a waste of resources, time, money, and energy.

Currently, only 8% of waste in Chicagoland gets recycled - we are working to make Park Forest better at identifying recyclables, locating recycle bins, and stopping contamination in order to efficiently use resources and protect the environment.

To help address low recycling rates and recycling contamination, which happens when non-recyclable material (think food, trash, dirt, and non-recyclable plastics) get into the recycling bin and causes the whole load of perfectly recyclable material to be sent to the landfill, the Sustainability Office has engaged the staff at Village Hall, conducted outreach during Main Street Nights, and published a Reuse and Recycling Guide. Our favorite recycling education resources are available here. If you have questions about what you can and cannot recycle in your curbside bin, check out this page. If you’d like us to come do a talk about recycling and waste management at your co-op, business, or school, please feel free to contact the Sustainability Office at 708-503-8153 or