Commercial Energy Incentive Programs

There are a lot of ways to save money - and energy - at the same time!

ComEd and Nicor both offer extensive energy efficiency rebates, incentives, and discounts. Additionally, the Village of Park Forest will rebate small businesses up to half of the cost of energy efficiency upgrades (up to $1000) through a certified ComEd or Nicor contractor.
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Below are programs and links to energy efficiency programs that may be utilized by Park Forest Business to help improve their energy efficiency, which would total required energy to warm the building the winter and cool the building in the summer.

  • ComEd Free Facility Assessment A facility assessment is the first step toward making your business' buildings more energy efficient. ComEd offers several facility assessment types tailored to your specific needs. Your business can get started by completing the business facility assessment request form. Once ComEd receives your request, a ComEd representative will contact you to schedule your assessment. For more information, click here:

  • ComEd Incentives for Businesses. ComEd offers many different incentives to make your business more efficient. They include lighting, instant discounts, small business incentives, HVAC incentives, refrigeration incentives, data center efficiencies, commercial kitchen equipment, agricultural, variable speed drives and even new construction services. For more information, click here to learn more:
  • Nicor Assessment for Business. One of Nicor's Energy Advisors or Certified Engineers will conduct a free assessment of your building to understand your facility’s needs and identify energy efficiency opportunities. Depending on the type of assessment, free energy-saving products may be installed in your business during the process. Find more information here:

  • Nicor Rebates for Business. Cash rebates are available to Nicor Gas business customers for specific high-efficiency equipment.
    For more information, click here to learn more:

  • Nicor Free Products. Free, professionally installed energy-saving products for your business or multi-family property when you schedule a free energy assessment. During the assessment, an Energy Advisor may install the following products, where applicable. For more information, click here to learn more:

  • Nicor Custom Incentives. Custom incentives are available to businesses who install qualifying energy efficiency projects that are not eligible for rebates through other energy SMART offerings. For more information, click here to learn more: