Service Line Warranties

The Department of Public Works is continually maintaining the sewer and water infrastructure of the Village. Similarly, private homeowners face the financial responsibility of maintaining their domestic water and sanitary service lines. Many residents aren't aware of that financial responsibility until things go wrong. Additionally, they may not understand where the Village's responsibility ends and where the resident's responsibility begins. In fact, sewer and water lines on the homeowner's property are the homeowner's responsibility, not the Village's. As such, residents bear the total cost- sometimes thousands of dollars- for repairing sewer or water lines buried underground on their property. With residents commonly caught off guard by sewer or water line issues on their properties, the Village has investigated insurance companies to provide coverage on those private lines.

The National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program, as administered by Utility Service Partners, Inc., is an insurance company that can provide coverage to Park Forest residents for their water and sewer services. The Department of Public Works has reviewed the policies described below and has approved their sale within the Village. 


The sewer line warranty program allows a resident the option to purchase a sewer service warranty for $7.33 per month, or $88 annually, that would cover any repair on a resident's land, and sanitary service from the Village’s main sewer up to the home. This Warranty Program is intended to cover only single-family residential homes. It is not intended to cover Commercial, Industrial, Cooperative Homes, or multi-unit dwellings. Additionally, it should be noted that many single-family homes share a portion of the sanitary service with their neighbor. The homeowner should verify that the coverage they purchase covers the service from the home all the way to the main, including the section that is shared with the neighbor. It should also be verified by the homeowner that any maintenance activity that may have been previously performed on the sanitary service will not void the coverage.  


Like sewer lines, water lines are vulnerable to age, ground shifting, fluctuating temperatures, and more. Replacing a water line can be expensive. Residents may purchase a water service warranty for $5.33 per month or $64 annually that would cover any repair from the Village’s water shut-off valve (b-box) up to the home. It should be verified by the homeowner that any maintenance activity that may have been previously performed on the water service will not void the coverage.  

Residents interested in either of these programs or with questions, should call, 844-870-9818 or visit If you are already a customer, call the repair hotline at 866-922-9006

Residents are reminded that although the Village of Park Forest encourages residents to protect themselves against the high cost of repair associated with sewer and water line damage, both of the warranty programs listed above are completely optional, and residents are under no obligation to carry coverage. However, the coverage offered by Utility Service Partners is just one of many companies that could potentially provide coverage options. Residents are encouraged to shop around and choose the coverage that best fits their needs.