Recreation & Parks Advisory Board

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The Recreation and Parks Advisory Board's mission is to advise the Board of Trustees of the progress in community building through
our parks. Park Forest is a community with destination parks, open spaces, swimming pools, and a vast and diverse wetland
easily accessible to all residents. As part of our community building, our main focus is to bring the benefits of play into our parks for
everyone. Play is not just good for the individual, but it brings us together as a group. When you discover our parks and spend time
there, there is a rediscovery of play which produces not only a physical, but a mental sense of wellbeing. Therefore, the
Advisory Board is committed to all our residents to cultivate an appreciation for nature, encourage healthy lifestyle,
and build community through our Recreation and Parks.

We invite to you to be a part of the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board.

Recreation & Parks Advisory Board

Recreation & Parks Advisory Board as of December 2020

Mike Adami - Chair
Avery Johnson
Bettie Vines Mathis
Sean Hightower
Andrew Holzinger
Andre Graham
Lisa Crawford
Denise Smith
Jason Long
Trustee Candyce Herron, Board Liaison
Staff Liaison, Rob Gunther