Wood Truss Warning Signs

For the purpose of this section, the following terms, phrases, words and their deviations shall have the meanings given herein:

* Property Owner: Any person, firm, or corporation having a legal ownership interest in the


* Sign: A nine-inch (minimum) by three-inch (minimum) piece of aluminum or stainless

steel stock plate. 1/8-inch thick (minimum), covered with red 3M-diamond grade

reflective film or equivalent. Located at the center of the sign is a white 3M-diamond

grade or equivalent reflective letter “T” which is three inches (minimum) in height.

* Wooden Truss Roof: A wooden roof structure consisting of a group of triangles arranged

in a single plane in such a manner that loads applied at the points of the intersections of

the structural members will cause only direct stresses, tension or compression, within the

structural members. WOOD TRUSS ROOFS may include, but are not limited to, the

following general types of construction: bowstring, warren, saw tooth, k truss, scissors,

cambered fink, hammer beam, pratt, fink, and inverted queen post.

The owner of any commercial or industrial structure which has a wooden truss roof assembly shall be required to mount warning signs meeting the following minimum requirements.

* Size and construction. Each sign required to be installed in accordance with this chapter

shall be of the size and construction defined within Section 99:20.A.1

* Mounting locations and height from finished grade. A sign shall be mounted directly to

the right of each series of entranced doors (front, rear, and sides of the building or

structure) at a height of five feet up from finished grade. The Fire Chief may require

additional signs when the distance between entrance doors would require additional

warning signs for visibility by Fire Department personnel.

It shall be the responsibility of each property owner to mount, maintain, and prevent obstruction of any warning signs required to be mounted on the building or structure.