Hazardous Materials


The Park Forest Fire Department responds to emergency and non-emergency hazardous materials incidents. These incidents include actual or potential spills, leaks and exposures to substances that pose a threat to life, health and/or property.

Our personnel are minimally certified at the Hazardous Materials Operations Level and are trained to recognize a hazardous materials incident, placing the safety of the public and emergency responders as the foremost priority.

In addition to our original response element, we are a participating member of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) 24/27 Hazmat Team; a Consortium that provides a highly trained Hazardous Materials Response Team (HazMat Team).

The mission of the HazMat Team is to reduce the impact of hazardous materials incidents on life, the environment and property. The team is made up of certified Hazardous Materials Technicians/Specialists and is an all-risks HazMat team capable of specialized entry, chemical analysis and hazard mitigation.

MABAS Hazardous Materials Response Team