Storm Sewer System

The Public Works Department is responsible for 42 miles of underground storm sewer pipe. Like the village sanitary system, Public Works is responsible for the structural integrity and proper function of this important part of the village infrastructure. The purpose of this system is to collect rain water and convey it to natural drainage ways, creeks, rivers, and lakes which in turn return natural water back to the source. This is an important part of the weather cycle.

It is against IEPA regulations and the law to dump anything and especially contaminants into the street side storm sewer inlets. These contaminants will be conveyed to the natural water ways which pollute the environment and make their way into the ground water which is the Village's water source.

If you see any resident or person discharging or dumping any type of fluid or solids into the street side storm sewers, PLEASE CALL THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AT 708-503-7702 AND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT 708-748-4700 IMMEDIATELY!