Take Part In A Neighborhood Meeting

TakePartInNeighborhoodMeeting.jpgThe Village of Park Forest, in an ongoing effort to most effectively communicate with residents, implemented a Neighborhood Meeting Program in 2004. Different from traditional Board Meetings, where residents visit Village Hall to dialogue with elected officials and staff, Neighborhood Meetings bring those individuals to residents, in their respective sections of town.

Since 2004, a Neighborhood Meeting has been held in each section of Park Forest to allow residents an opportunity to have their voices heard and questions answered. Residents in attendance at a Neighborhood meeting receive updates, specific to that neighborhood, from the village manager, mayor, and the police chief. Attendees are also provided with information on upcoming events, recent developments, and plans for the future of Park Forest.

Input received from citizens assists the Board and staff with the decision-making process by better understanding the needs of Park Forest residents.

Upcoming neighborhood meetings:

  • TBA

Please note that neighborhood meetings are intended for residents of the specified area only.