AboutUs3.jpgSince 1949, Park Forest has benefited from a high level of volunteerism and participation in community affairs. Citizens take part in a number of volunteer boards and commissions that provide important insights to Park Forest's elected officials. Volunteers also participate in numerous community, service, and civic organizations dedicated to the betterment of the Village.

If you're interested in serving the community, please choose from one of the following areas based on your interest:

Apply to serve on one of Park Forest's Board and Commissions

Park Forest has a host of boards and commission, each dedicated to a different area of focus, from youth programming to senior citizen issues to environmental focus. To become an official member of a Park Forest Board or Commission, you must first apply have your application reviewing by Park Forest's mayor who will make a determination on your application. Please note also that some applicants may not be able to serve immediately due to some boards and commission currently not having seats available. New members will selected for vacancies as they occur.

Learn more about Park Forest' Board and Commissions

Visit the homepage for Park Forest' Board and Commissions where you can browse the various topic areas and identify if one is of particular interest to you.

Apply to volunteer at various events and programs

Additional help is always needed to make Park Forest programs and event the very best they can be. Sign-up to be contacted about various opportunities to volunteer throughout the year in Park Forest.