Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services The Park Forest Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services (paramedic) to businesses and residents within the corporate boundaries of the Village. We also provide EMS to areas outside the corporate limits through a contractual agreement and to neighboring communities through Mutual Aid Agreements.

The delivery of high quality, effective patient care is facilitated internally by an EMS Coordinator who is our direct contact with the resource hospital (Ingalls Memorial Hospital) to ensure the quality of care provided to our patients is in keeping with the high standards established by the hospital, as well as meeting our internal quality and delivery benchmarks.

The department operates two fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances daily and maintains an additional ambulance in reserve. Our ALS ambulances are equipped with state of the art medical equipment and are staffed minimally with two licensed, cross-trained Firefighter-Paramedics. The first response engine is also staffed with cross-trained Fire-Medics and is licensed as a non-transport ALS Engine. In support of our performance goal to have an automatic external defibrillator (AED) on-scene within four minutes, our fire inspector’s vehicle is equipped with an AED.

Ultimately, our service goal is to ensure all of our patients received the highest quality pre-hospital medical care. We feel each call for service is an opportunity for our department to provide prompt, professional and compassionate customer service to those we are sworn to serve. Our mantra of “treating others like you would like your family member to be treated” has gone a long way to reinforce this sentiment.

If you have to use our services we encourage you to provide us some feeback by filling out our Satisfaction Survey.

The department is committed to the protection of private patient healthcare information and maintains a comprehensive Privacy Practices Policy which, by law, we are required to follow.