Diversity Dinners

Cross-Cultural Communication

Diversity Dinners began more than a decade ago. Since then, close to 15,000 people from over 40 communities have shared dinner at host homes. Diversity Dinners promote cross-cultural communication and understanding for better, stronger communities.

 Building Relationships

Diversity Dinners has a committee of 15 people from different communities and backgrounds committed to making sure relationships are built across cultures. People learn to appreciate, understand and value each other more by communicating in a friendly, social environment. Through the years, Diversity Dinners has helped break down barriers that separate people and build better relationships among neighbors and communities. Many participants, young and old, have gained mutual respect and forged lasting friendships. Many people look forward each year to meeting old friends and making new acquaintances.

Committee Membership

The committee includes members from: Village of Park Forest, Village of Matteson, Village of Homewood, Coalition Building Institute, Robin L. Kelly Foundation, Homewood/Flossmoor League of Women Voters, Park Forest Area League of Women Voters, The Center for Multicultural Communities, School District 227, Grand Prairie Services, NCBI of Illinois, and Homewood-Flossmoor School District.