Building/Community Development


AS OF MARCH 23, 2020!!

Due to the National Emergency caused by COVID-19 and the Governor’s Shelter in Place Order the Village Hall is closed to the public and non-essential employees. All Building Department services have been suspended until the Shelter in Place Order is lifted which is expected to be April 7, 2020. During this time the Village is not accepting applications for change of occupancies, construction permits, or transfer stamps.


Property sellers and landlords are asked to apply for change of occupancy inspections within 30 days after the Shelter in Place Order has been lifted. If properties are occupied without the change of occupancy inspection process and a certificate of occupancy during the Shelter in Place Order the Village will NOT take enforcement actions as long as reasonable efforts are made to apply for the change of occupancy inspection with 30 days after the Shelter in Place Order is lifted. 


Construction permits should also be applied for within 30 days after the Shelter in Place Order has been lifted. Since the Shelter in Place Order applies to all non-essential work it is expected that only repairs/work of an urgent nature would occur during this time.


Transfer stamps services are suspended during the Shelter in Place Order.


Our goal is to get back to work serving the public as soon as possible. Stay well and stay safe.


The Building/Community Development Department oversees the regulatory code enforcement of the building and zoning functions as well as housing and community development activities. The department works to ensure safe and healthful living conditions for residents, achieve compliance with building codes, and preserve the community’s housing stock.


Property Code Enforcement

The property code enforcement division handles the traditional new construction / building permit activity, as well as property maintenance code enforcement for all residential and commercial properties within the Village. The Change of Occupancy Inspection Program, Annual Street by Street Canvas Inspection Program and Annual Multifamily Residential Common Areas Inspection Program and a plethora of Special Enforcement Emphasis Programs, such as tall grass and weeds, overgrowth sight obstructions, garbage can placement times, etc. are administered here.


The housing division’s major emphasis is the oversight of the Housing Authority of Park Forest. All HUD regulation enforcement and implementation is handled. Eligibility of landlords and tenants and placement approvals are administered in this area.

Notice of Foreclosure

Banks, mortgage companies, other lenders or applicable parties sending notice of foreclosure in compliance with 735 ILCS 5/15-15039 (b): notice of foreclosure should be sent to the following address:

Village of Park Forest
Attn: Building Department
350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466