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350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
Ph: 708-748-1112
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Alarm Installation, Testing, and Maintenance
The Park Forest Fire Department has established guidelines and requirements for the Installation, Maintenance and Testing of fire alarm systems in the Village of Park Forest.  These guidelines have been established to assist the Alarm Installer, Maintenance, and Testing Company as to what is required when installing/working on fire alarm systems in the Village of Park Forest.  Please note, that Fire Alarm Installer shall be registered with the State of Illinois pursuant to the Illinois Private Detective, Private Alarm and Private Security Act of 1083 and should send a copy of this license to the Park Forest Fire Prevention Bureau before any work is to be started.

The Park Forest Fire Department currently performs all final inspections and acceptance/performance testing for all fire alarm installations.  The Park Forest Fire Department will not issue any Occupancy Permits until the fire alarm system has been approved.

Any questions regarding fire alarm systems should be brought to the attention of the Park Forest Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau at 708-748-5605.

Adopted Codes

The Village of Park Forest has adopted the following Codes:

* International Building Code – 2009 Edition. (with local amendments)
* International Fire Code – 2009 Edition. (with local amendments)
* NFPA, Life Safety Code – 2006 Edition.

NOTE:  The alarm installer/contractor will be required to comply with all other applicable NFPA standards, codes and local ordinances that apply to fire alarm systems.

Methods of Monitoring Fire Alarm Systems

  1. The status of all fire alarm systems shall be monitored continuously and the Park Forest
      Fire Department shall approve this method.

  2. The Village of Park Forest has an alarm board at the SouthCom 911 Dispatch Center.
      Direct connect to this board is done through:

20010 Swift Drive
Oak Brook, Illinois  60521
800.252.7696Option #6