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350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
Ph: 708-748-1112
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The Finance Department administers and/or assists with all financial operations.  The Department performs two distinct functions: day-to-day operations and other financial reporting functions.  Day-to-day operations of the Department include processing payroll and accounts payable, issuing invoices, recording cash receipts, issuing and processing water, sewer and refuse billing, reconciling bank and investment broker accounts, collecting vehicle sticker revenue and managing switchboard operations.  Financial reporting functions of the Finance Department include the scheduling and oversight of the annual Village audit, the compilation and coordination of the annual Village budget, preparation and publication of the annual Treasurer’s Report, grant reporting and production of all calendar year tax documentation, including W-2’s, 1099’s and 1099-R’s.  The Finance Department provides oversight and administration of all economic development incentive agreements including the Tax Increment Financing District and DownTown Park Forest.

The Deputy Village Manager/Finance Director is appointed as Village Treasurer.  As such, she invests and monitors the Village’s funds.  She is also the Treasurer of the Police Pension, Fire Pension and Firefighters’ Insurance Funds.  She participates as a member of the Village’s economic development task force, helping to  negotiate incentive agreements and analyze the feasibility of Village assistance to development projects.  She is the liaison to the Village’s financial consultants.

Information Technology, also under the supervision of the Deputy Village Manager/Finance Director, coordinates a wide range of computer support services and functions for all Village departments.  Involved is the application, installation and management of computer hardware and software.  Staff training is coordinated with the Manager’s office.

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Mark Pries
Director of Finance/Deputy Village Manager

350 Victory Drive (second floor)
Park Forest, IL 60466

Ph: 708-748-1112
Fx: 708-503-8560