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Wetlands Discovery Center


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The Central Park Wetlands is one of the gems of the Village’s parks. A restoration project that began as a dry grassy area in 2000 has blossomed into a biologically diverse habitat of over 140 native plants and myriad species of birds. This spring pause on your evening walk and enjoy the raucous song of the Western Chorus Frog and listen for the whistling wings of the American Woodcock high overhead. Through the summer a walk on the boardwalk might get you a scolding from the Red-winged Blackbird and you can watch the Killdeer as they guard their nest. Spring through fall the wildflowers provide a constantly changing kaleidoscope of color.

The Discovery Center, located at the west end of the bathhouse offers 2,000 visitors a year a hands-on science and environmental education. Many “green and sustainability” initiatives are provided at the site for learning and as demonstration projects. Come and learn about the following:

•Demonstration “green roof” on the bathhouse

•Solar Panels for producing hot water for the building

•How skylights can reduce the need for artificial lighting

•How a Rain Garden could handle runoff water in a residential backyard

•How Rain Barrels “harvest” rainwater from a roof for use in the garden

•The value of “Biodiversity” (plants, birds, animals, insects and more) to a community.

•Observe butterflies in their own garden enclosure

•Watch hummingbirds at the feeders

•Produce electricity with a bicycle

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