Recyclefest started in 2016 out of the need to increase the accessibility of electronics recycling within Park Forest. In the past the event has offered recycling, reuse, or non-landfill disposal of clothes, shoes, electronics, TVs, bicycles, eyeglasses, prescription medicine, American flags, polystyrene (styrofoam), and #6 plastic, plastic film, and plastic bags (which aren’t recyclable in your regular pickup!). These ’hard to recycle’ item actually are recyclable but can’t go in your curbside bin, so we bring recyclers that take them to Park Forest! We also offer paper shredding services and shredded paper recycling, which is NOT recyclable in your regular curbside pickup. 

Keep an eye on the Sustainability Calendar for the date of this year’s Recyclefest.

See images and information from past Recyclefests below.

Recyclefest Flyer
Recyclefest Infographic