Sidewalk 50/50 Program

The Sidewalk 50/50 Program is managed through the Department of Public Works. The program has three rounds of sidewalk repairs which take place in the spring, summer and fall. The program is designed to be a more equitable cost sharing solution to replacing/repairing sidewalks throughout Park Forest. 

The following are the conditions of the Park Forest Sidewalk/Curb Reimbursement Program:

a) Sidewalk: *50% reimbursement of all new sidewalks in the Public Right of Way (Village will repair sidewalk tripping hazards 100% under its yearly contract)

b) Curb: *100% reimbursement of all new curb within the limits of an existing driveway only if the existing driveway apron that is being replaced by the homeowner.

* Funds available to homeowners through the sidewalk/curb reimbursement program will be limited to the unit costs in the separate yearly Public Works concrete contract. A homeowner can choose a contractor whose fees exceed that of the Public Works contract, but the homeowner will be responsible for the difference in cost.

For more information, please visit the Department of Public Works Website here: